An Excellent Way to Celebrate 10 Years of Excellence!

Congratulations, Diane Montefusco, Controller & Jen Conde, Director of Project Management, on 10 Years with One World DMG/PharmaDesign Inc!  A fun day that started off with Bagles & Bloody Marys, our featured drink of the month!

Thank you ladies for all your hard work and dedication!

Bloody_MaryMarch is the perfect month for Bloody Marys ~ from weekends filled with St. Paddy’s Parades & March Maddness we need a healthy cocktail. Here is our version..

Your fave Veggie Juice of choice

2 cups of good tomato puree

Shire, lemon, horseradish, tabasco or if daring sriracha, celery salt, s&p.

Some good Vodka

Fill pitcher 3 quarters, add tomato puree to desired thickness. Then all ingredients to desired taste. Garnish with olives, lemon wedge & celery stalk!