Common Features of Acromegaly Sculpted Live at Endo 2015 in San Diego

Sarah Samaroo, a Board Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI), member of the Association of Medical Illustrators, and Director of Biomedical Content for One World DMG, recently created live high-end visuals to explain the Common Features of Acromegaly. This exciting interactive display took place at the ENDO 2015: The 97th Annual Meeting & Expo in San Diego which was held March 5th through the 8th.

Working live on a laptop Sarah used the latest 3D software to model (digitally sculpt) a brain with pituitary gland, and a figure with common clinical features of acromegaly, as well as, relevant internal organ pathology. The physicians and HCPs in attendance got to see the transformation of normal anatomy into that of acromegaly. As the medical illustrator worked, the contents of the laptop screen were mirrored on a large format screen giving attendees a dynamic view of the affects of acromegaly on the body – e.g. pituitary tumor, enlarged frontal bones, enlarged hands. To further dramatize the contrast of normal anatomy and acromegaly, One World also created two large banners for the booth to demonstrate the anatomy.

The visuals and the live creation of the images drew great interest and traffic to the Ipsen booth for the brand Somatuline Depot. The overwhelming consensus was that the live medical sculpting and illustrations were beautifully executed by Sarah, and encouraged engaging dialogue on the subject of acromegaly.

Congrats to our Sarah Samaroo on a job well done!