Fall Apple Cider

Well now that the leaves are changing colors and the chill in the air is here, we have an apple cider beverage that is sure to please! (keep the whiskey on the side and the lil ones can enjoy too)!

If you’re feeling extra creative partially hollow out an apple & use that as a serving cup & enjoy!

This is not your average spiked cider, we use Fire Ball, a cinnamon whiskey that adds the right spicy kick!  For those who don’t care for the spicy cinnamon try JD Tennessee Cider Whiskey!

–       One gallon Apple Cider from local farmer’s market

–       2 cinnamon sticks

–       1 sliced orange

–       1 small bouquet of toasted star anise & cloves

–       nutmeg to taste

Let marinade over night. If serving cold remove bouquet. If serving hot add to pot and heat it up till boiling. Add 1 shot of Fireball per serving. Garnish with cinnamon sticks/orange and or spiked baked Granny apple cubes/slices.


Spiked baked Granny Apple Cubes/ Slices

–       Cut apple to preference cubed or sliced, let soak in spirit of choice for 1 hour.

–       Preheat oven to 350

–       Have side bowl of cinnamon & sugar. Dip apples in mixture, then add to baking sheet, cook 5 min on each side. Put 3 cubes on a stick or add slice to glass


IMG_0697 IMG_0686